Are you ready to feel in Germany like at home? 

Expand your vocabulary and improve pronunciation with short, easy and fun stories for beginners  

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Feel confident when speaking German

With this e-book, you are going to expand practical, everyday vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. This will impact your communication skills.

Let other understand you!

Pronunciation is problem number one when it comes to misunderstandings. By listening to the stories, you will naturally improve your pronunciation skills.

Learn German while having fun

We made sure, that you really read on your level. We topped it with beautiful design and hand-drawn pictures. Result—you stay motivated and enjoy the learning process.

Do you also have these problems?

  • "I would like to read in German, but most of the materials are too difficult for beginners."
  • "I don't know how to pronounce many words. I have the impression, people don't understand me, although I use correct words."
  • "I forget new words so fast."
  •  "I don't want to learn unuseful vocabulary for now. I would like to learn everyday, practical words and expressions first."

Calm down, learn German & let me guide you  

Hi, my name is Anna, and I’m your German coach from beautiful Bavaria.

One day, just like you, I also decided to learn German from scratch.

I was born and raised in Poland and came to Germany when I was 28 years old. I know that reading complicated books and attending boring German courses can be pretty frustrating. Trust me—learning German does not have to be like this. 

Since 2018, I help students from all over the world to master this beautiful language successfully and while having fun. I’m absolutely sure that you can also become fluent in German and enjoy the process. Let’s improve your German together!

Let’s expand your everyday vocabulary and improve  pronunciation so that you can speak better German 

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How will you improve your German with this book? This is how it works

Free audiobook included to improve pronunciation 

This book includes a free audiobook to help you pronounce new words correctly right from the start. Simply scan the QR codes at the beginning of each chapter!

13 German-English everyday vocabulary lists for better communication 

The book starts off gently and develops a large amount of vocabulary to help you hold an everyday conversation. All the words are in real sentences, so you also learn how to correctly use them. 

13 short stories perfect for beginners (A1/ A2)

The chapters are kept enjoyably short so that you don't feel overwhelmed as a beginner learning German. No complicated sentence structures or difficult words!

Beautiful and well-thought design to keep you motivated

Learning languages is not a marathon. To make progress, you need constant exposure to great and interesting content at your level. This is what this book is about. 

Understand more and speak better German by reading and listening to easy and fun stories 

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This e-book is perfect for you, if...

  • You want to understand more and speak better in everyday life 
  • You are seeking fun, real materials to boost your German 
  • You already know the basics of German and you have finished A1 level  
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60 Days Money Back Guarantee 

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